Sinapdan Island and Bulan

Before we finally leave Tacloban for Manila I went to Introduce Bulan to the maritime-tradition of Waraywaray people. Aboard a motorboat we went to Sinapdan island.

During the ten minute boat ride to Sinapdan from the port of Tacloban City I told stories and myths to my four-year old Bulan about the Waraywaray people who were once noble maritime traveler of the precolonial Sri Vijaya (Visayas) and Butuan Kingdom. The Waraywaray people  who were among the Nusantao traversed from the Pacific to Africa.

bulan, sinapdan island, tacloban city, travel

An oversize life vest wrap Bulan around as he struggle to see how we glide the calm sea towards Sinapdan island.

Sinapdan is an islet adjacent to the port of Tacloban City. It is a ten minute boat ride from the big city. Inhabitants of this islet make a living by providing tourists and vacationists accommodation and services. The islet is once surrounded by corral reefs, however, dynamite fishing destroyed the reefs and washed the corals ashore that it is now difficult to stroll the shore on barefoot.

dynamite fishing, dead reef, corals, sinapdan

Sharp fragmented dead corals lying ashore is hell!

If you want to imagine apocalypse and at the same time understand the noble past of the Waraywaray people visit Sinapdan Island!

bamboo, maritime tradition, southeast asia, tacloban, neotasaday, travel writing, sinapdan

Bulan as marine biologist and ethnographer examining the fish traps that surround the stilt bridge.

austronesian, boat building, sinapdan, jong pairez, sinapdan island, tacloban city, southeast asia

The ancient boat building tradition is still being practiced in this island. The large wooden plank is the same material used by Austronesians hundred thousand of years ago.

austronesian, sinapdan island, tacloban city, jong pairez, neotasaday, precolonial philippines, travel writing

Panday sa baloto or Boat craftsman in English setting up the skeletal structure of baloto (boat).


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