Living Krus Na Ligas

“Where do you live?” asked a friend. I confessed that I just transferred to a new place within the vicinity of University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City. I thought it practical to stay within the campus with my bicycle and save thousand pesos of transportation budget especially that I’m finishing my undergraduate thesis, which is both costly in time and money.

Living Krus Na Ligas

It has been seven days now since I left a memorable rented room located near the industrial factories of Marikina. At first it was hard to finally say goodbye to that small yet humble and peaceful room designed for factory workers.

But now here I am in a crowded boarding house along the narrow congested streets in Barangay Krus na Ligas where miniscule rooms are good for two people. Gladly enough, for seven days I was able to easily adapt to this new environment. This is because when I did a little bit of research about the place I deliberately appreciated Krus na Ligas for its colorful histories and vibrant community.

Recently, University of the Philippines National Historical Institute recognized Krus na Ligas as a historical part of the city. Because back in the late 19th century, according to historians, Andres Bonifacio and the Katipuneros would retreat from Balintawak and temporarily settled to this place to plan the next move of their armed uprising against colonial Spain.

krus na ligas, gulod, neotasaday, bonifacio 150th
The National Historical Institute installed a marker located near the Plaza de Sta. Ines

Obviously, Krus na Ligas is a very old place older than Quezon City. Did you know that Krus na Ligas is once part of Marikina? And the remaining historical evidence of this place is the Parish Church and the infamous Plaza de Sta. Ines that was built in early 18th century.

In 2012, Plaza de Sta. Ines was threatened to disappear completely in replacement of a three million worth Barangay Hall project sponsored by politicians. Big thanks to the strong community of Krus na Ligas who resisted against the project and saved the historical plaza from disappearing.

For now I can’t describe completely yet what is life and living in Krus na Ligas. I am just barely adapting to this new place but for sure the community of Krus na Ligas offer a lot of things for students, workers and unemployed alike. Here, except cheap boarding houses, you can find affordable eating spots, cozy hangouts and heaps of beer. Yes, you read it right Beer.

If you like to get drunk while discussing intellectually with friends, students and professors Krus na Ligas have many place to offer. Especially this year (2013) is Andres Bonifacio’s 150th going back to history as you stroll along, with a beer in your hand, Krus na Ligas is just perfect. But if you are saving money forget the beer and just stroll along as you take pictures!

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