Tactical Laboratory in Manila Hosts Crimethinc and Beehive

Makeshift tactical art laboratory CIV:LAB welcomes the Infotour of controversial anti-authoritarian activist-artists Beehive Design Collective and Crimethinc in the Philippines this month to impart their skills and experience in defending the ecology and marginalized.

civ:lab, jongpairez

The week long Infotour activity of Beehive and Crimethinc will include workshop, lectures and live performances spearheaded by anarchist rapper Testament. They are hosted by various anti-authoritarian groups and autonomous initiatives in Metro Manila and Davao.

As one of the co-host of the said Infotour CIV:LAB will moderate this skill sharing opportunity in the form of a talk presentation that reveal their philosophy, method, and processes. The talk presentation is dubbed “Storytelling and Resistance: An Introduction to Beehive Design Collective and Anarchist Hiphop”. It is scheduled on the 8th of January (Wednesday) from 1-3PM. Simultaneously, a 20 feet long banner/mural from Beehive Design Collective will also be displayed until 5PM.

Both Beehive and Crimethinc are well known in their highly interesting graphic designs as much as their activism that promotes fun and joyful resistance. Additionally, they are very much controversial in their lifestyle activism promoting dropping out from work and school. Nevertheless, they both take their art very seriously and declared in their email: “We are more comrades than artists, more movement-builders than performers.”

The presentation in the lab is supported by the Student Council of U.P. College of Fine Arts.

Following this event there will be a performance the next day and a more intensive workshops are to be expected on the weekend. For more updates and infos check out:

EB_Infoshop website
Onsite Infoshop (Manila South)
Noncollective Space/Infohouse

Greenhouse Infoshop Project (Southern Luzon)

4 January 2014


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