(January 7, 2014) Tactical art laboratory CIV:LAB started operating last Tuesday (7 January 2014) with highly interesting talks on subversions and creative forms of alternative living. It was participated by local artists/designers/activists who generously shared their initiatives and ideas with fellow artists and non-artists alike.

One of the presenters from Naga City, who hitchhiked to join the event, showed their on-going project dubbed as Experimental Utopia. “It is an initiative that combines urban gardening and permaculture,” explains Noel Cervantez the leading person behind the project. “The aim of our project is to generate own food and live independently from consumer culture. By growing our own food we are no longer parasites,” adds Cervantez in his further explanation of their very own method of providing food for their free mobile soup kitchen.

noel cervantez, civ:lab

Cervantez is supported by his former anarcho-punk band member in this initiative and been doing their experiments of germinating seedlings and providing free mobile soup kitchen since March last year at the Greenhouse Infoshop located near the foot of Mount Isarog. They also designed a blueprint for a bigger version of the project that requires squatting large parcels of abandoned land in the province.

Meanwhile, Manila based artist Mitch Garcia shared her inspiring experience with long time free soup kitchen activists from various anarchist collectives. Garcia also explained her project that subverts the art market in the form of a prank.

Mobile Anarchist School (MAS) was also present in the laboratory. They gave a short description of what they have been doing recently. However, their important talks are reserved for the next CIV:LAB event before the end of the month.

Generally, the first day event of CIV:LAB is successful. Everybody was enthusiastic in sharing ideas that eventually establish mutual initiatives together that CIV:LAB hopes to see the result somewhere in the future.

Jong Pairez
9 January 2014
Quezon City, Philippines

jong pairez, mitch garcia, civ:lab


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