CIV:LAB Finally has a Laboratory Table

civlab, civ:lab, CIV:LAB, jong pairez

Cutting the panel for making a table, brother Nestor a skilled carpenter carefully use the power saw. (17 January 2014)

CIV:LAB requires a laboratory table to accommodate its hands-on activities. Finally we have one but it took months before the lab table was finally realized. Don’t ask me why but let me remind you that this project has no funds other than my own savings that is slowly dissipating. Anyway, as the lab table was being made I was reading Daniel Buren’s short essay entitled “Function of the Studio”. It is about his critical view against Artist Studios and the works produced in it. I thought that the reading is very appropriate for me because the lab is originally a studio space before it was converted.

In this essay Buren declared that Artist Studios precedes art gallery and museum. However, they are all linked to one another. Therefore, “questioning one without touching the other (Artist Studio) inevitably implies questioning nothing at all.” he warns.

My intention to restructure the studio is, however, slightly different from Buren’s thesis. By converting the studio to a laboratory is simply my way of breaking the hermetic characteristic of the studio to pave the way for a more convivial form of producing a work. In this way my work will always be in touch with reality whether the creator imagines an appropriate place for the work or not.

However, I believe that without a working table inside the lab there will be a difficulty in accommodating the conviviality of the work. Next thing to make is the enclosure.

civlab, civ:lab, CIV:LAB, jong pairez

A hired carpenter carefully chooses a wood for making the brace for the laboratory table. (16 January 2014)


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