A Tactical Laboratory in Quezon City Sculpting Green Resistance

FOR RELEASE: January 27, 2014
Media Contact: Jong Pairez jong.pairez[a]gmail.com

A Tactical Laboratory in Quezon City Sculpting Green Resistance

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – To make art relevant in the current ecological crisis we face today, CIV:LAB is pleased to announce a lecture on deep ecology by famous Australian permaculturist Kim Hill on Tuesday January 28th 1-5PM at Amorsolo Hall Red Door, U.P. College of Fine Arts Diliman.

The free lecture is entitled “Connecting With The Natural World”, it is one among the series of selected topics prepared by Kim Hill for her two weeks long infotour in the Philippines hosted by local anti-authoritarian initiatives.

Kim Hill is a leading member of Deep Green Resistance – a global eco-organization that advocates a no compromise defense of mother earth.

Furthermore, according to their website, Deep Green Resistance is an analysis and a strategy. “As an analysis, it reveals civilization as the institution that is destroying life on Earth. As a strategy, it offers a concrete plan for how to stop that destruction. As an organization, Deep Green Resistance is implementing that strategy,” explains their site.

After the lecture a workshop on D.I.Y. solar power is expected to carry out the next day by Mobile Anarchist School.

CIV:LAB is a tactical social laboratory that is dedicated to research and design on open access knowledge, sustainable life and living, disaster mitigation, and radical forms of social engagement. Moreover, CIV:LAB is a social sculpture initiated by an undergrad thesis student in Painting. ###

Website: https://neotasaday.wordpress.com

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