Radyo itimFM presents After Piet Mondrian

"Composition No. 10" Piet Mondrian

“Composition No. 10” Piet Mondrian

Radyo itimFM, an online anti-authoritarian radio project based in the Philippines, is scheduling a radio program this Sunday related to the current art exhibition entitled “The Heist Conference” curated by Jay Ticar. This scheduled radio program also acts as an online sculptural-performance art.

Listen Audio Here: Click

By shifting the venue of exhibition from the physical to the virtual, similar to looting, the radio talk show aims to explore the meaning of the term Heist and how is it related to the concept of New Commons relevant to our changing culture of consumption today. Moreover, by understanding the syntopical meaning behind the terms – hopefully the radio talk critically explore the issue on authorship, market economy, and art that predominates our contemporary life since the industrial revolution. DJ Seitan, Prof. Randy Nobleza from Manila, specializing on new media, and media artist Jong Pairez in Tokyo will host the radio show.

In between discussions a programmed/curated playlist downloaded/shared illegally in the Internet is also featured. Including
in the playlist is mash-up genre in music that notoriously challenges Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights.


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