Second Day: On the Way to Gwangju

Right after the special lecture of Professor Mouri at the Sungkonghoe University I aboard a bullet train going to Gwangju. This time I am with Professor Mouri and a classmate in Graduate School, we are together scheduled to depart for Gwangju to see the Biennale now curated by Stockholm based Maria Lind.

As I try to sit comfortably on the train (that will take us to more than two hours ride) before reaching our destination the temporary space between me and the vehicle suddenly reminded me of Professor Mouri’s lecture titled, “Make Place! Multiplying Spaces in Asia”. It discussed the growing network of young dissidents in East Asia that came out from the phenomenon of the Internet and low-cost carrier (LCC) flights. That exact moment of our transit from one place to another recalls the contested idea of spatiality that was introduced in the lecture.

So we came here by LCC and was assisted by local friends through Internet correspondence prior to arriving in our target destinations. The information gathering made by correspondence was for me a manifestation of spatiality – an intimate form of space that is different from Benedict Anderson’s impersonal imagined communities, which came out from the phenomenon of print technology back in the 15th century.

As I fix myself in the train who is now about to move I wonder where this re-imagining of communities from the contemporary spatial turn will bring us? But one thing for sure I will arrive in Gwangju together with other people on the train. Will Gwangju, a commemorative place for South Korean democracy movement, will remain the same when I get there? What kind of future is ahead of us?


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