Second Day: Morning in Seoul

Woke up early as usual. Just over the window from a high rise apartment where I crashed in for a night, I can feel the city beating. Overlooking the city skyline I find it nothing different from Tokyo. It is metabolizing quickly like Eric Carle’s very hungry caterpillar. There are new high rise apartments being built everywhere.

With these tall structures, it’s not easy to notice sunrise in the morning unless one lives in these structures.

“Do you eat spicy food?” asked one of the activists who stay in one of the occupied apartment room. He and her partner prepared a modest breakfast for us made out of dried spinach mixed with rice and paired with red spicy zucchini soup.

It was a communion. While eating we talked about the growing fascism in Asia. “It’s like we are going back to 19th century where regimes in Asia was ruled by despots and colonial rulers,” comments one of the friends who visited to share breakfast with us.

There was a shared pessimistic sentiment in the way we try to see the future. “It’s difficult to go back in my home country when people are easily killed just because someone suspects a person as a drug user or pusher,” I complained, “In this growing fascism in Asia now we are reduced to non-beings.” “Exactly, these despots rule their power by dispossession,” comments another friend who sits right next to me, relating her stand against gentrification in Seoul with the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.


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