Film Production as a Process Similar to the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

There are many ways how an idea is conceived especially in film production, which is considered the preliminary part of the filmmaking process. Deep observation of the surrounding with a great sensibility to it could be the general starting point of how to conceive an idea. Exposure to the practice of filmmaking from other practitioners is another factor. Meaning, the capacity to conceive an idea form a film depends on how much a filmmaker-producer consumes cinema.

There is this symbiotic relationship between the consumer and producer that is very important to the sustainability of the practice in filmmaking. But it is interesting to know how a movie is conceived and why the act of conceiving resembles the Catholic joyful mysteries of the rosary. First of all, what are the joyful mysteries of the rosary? In Catholic Religion it is an account of Mother Mary how she conceived and delivered the “Son of God.”

The narrative of the joyful mysteries started from the state of waiting and eureka, which represents the angel coming down from heaven to bless the virgin Mary from willfully waiting for the moment to liberate the people of Jerusalem. Then the conceiving of the Holy Spirit to deliver the “Son of God” ensued. This can be understood in the process of delivering an idea for a film and produce it until the “word become flesh.”

But the process of the word becoming flesh requires a tedious work, in this matter, the long days and nights of getting the best shots and other production needs necessary in filmmaking are labored. Whether there’s enough budget or not.

However, going back to the third part of the joyful mystery of the rosary, delivering the “Son of God” from the womb of Mother Mary was not that easy. In fact, the “Son of God” who also is known as the King of Kings is ironically described in this narrative as a pauper. In the nativity of Jesus Christ, there was immense misery in the process of delivering which in the end resulted to an ecstatic joy. In filmmaking, the community of filmmakers and its crew shares this ecstatic joy once the film is done.

Now that the idea had become flesh embodied in the Cinema it now performs its miracle for mankind to liberate them from whatever misery they suffer. This is how the joyful mysteries of the rosary resemble the amazing process of film production and how the magic of cinema affects the lives of mankind. But could this also imply the Producer or the person who conceives an idea for a Cinema replaces the role of the Holy Virgin in the joyful mystery of the rosary?


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