What is Postmedia?

To explain the concept of Postmedia in a dictionary form, which Felix Guattari first coined in the 90s, is quite a convenient option. However, there’s a danger that some important details that make up its complexity might impair the significance and meaning behind the concept. From this awareness, I thought of approaching the concept from…

Fieldwork #3: Pepe’s Dish

A set of Sashimi/Sushi and a choice of tempura vegetables (deep fried vegetables with tempura crumbs) are the common dishes. Additionally, he serves grilled shellfish, which I usually order. His menu is so very basic that sometimes I wonder if Pepe consciously emulates Neolithic food diet – a pre-agriculture diet of raw fish and grilled edible stuff famous among maritime cultures in Southeast Asia.

Fieldwork #1:Second Landing

First Friday of the month of February I reminded Pepe again about my desire to conduct ethnography about him and the space he runs periodically, which he confirmed his approval. While he was preparing the menu for the night I reminded him my intention to articulate their actions and the powerful political aesthetics found in their performativity, which is very important especially nowadays.

Unpublished Note: Third Day in Yogyakarta

With all the familiarity I felt like I belong to the place, however, I am also aware that I’m within arms-length. This awareness of distance made differences and anxiety more visible every time I was confronted by it. So I negotiated with my identity in every encounter. Fortunately, the idyllic nature of central Jogja is an important factor in processing a qualitative consensus, however, only to come up with another set of anxieties to resolve.