Strange Connections: Radio Kosaten as a Collaborative Research Laboratory

Radio Kosaten as a collaborative research project refrains from feeding the algorithm of information but rather to alter its communications technology platform as a space to radicalize our shared state of exception where the occasion for political and aesthetic struggle would be possible.


It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine): A Review of Garden in Movement Exhibition (2016)

Discourse on disasters and ecological collapse has been a theme of art exhibitions and public conferences lately, one of them being the recent Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions (Yebizo), subtitled “Garden in Movement.” This series of exhibitions, film screenings, and events in collaboration with institutions surrounding Yebisu Garden Place featured thought-provoking works…

Neither Utopia nor Dystopia in Decoding the Changing Landscape Today: A Review of Landscape 2017

The focused concern of the Tokyo leg exhibition is the impact of Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in relation to the changing perception of the landscape today in Japan. A video work titled “GOSH!” by Babu (Japan) – a graphic artist and skateboarder, best described this pressing problem that apparently marked the unlikeness of this exhibition from the previous, however, deeply related and dependent.

The Body in a Configurative Politics and Play: A Different Reading of Body/Play/Politics 2016 Exhibition

However, Kimura Eriko understood these bodies only from each of their own histories that defined them and destined them to react only on the grounds of history. Nevertheless, in order to substantiate Kimura’s premise and her subconscious desire to end societal pressure, it is necessary to expand her ideas and take a different reading of the exhibition to make sense of the body as a potent vector in generating a collective speech.

Sketch on Socially Engaged Art

Artists that uses social relations as medium define the artist position in society to its unimaginable peak since Kant’s declaration for a transcendental aesthetics. Artists have become the sovereign – a privilege position that generates a state of exclusion. This exclusivity prompts me to declare my pessimistic attitude towards Art. However, I am optimistic about creativity inherent to human beings.

CIV:Lab at Project Bakawan

Ethos Bathos Pathos is an art exhibition curated by Plantingrice.Com for the arts festival Project Bakawan in University of the Philippines Diliman. The exhibition that includes a temporary active space (TAS) participated by five artistic/anarchistic projects will open on 12 February until March 14, 2015 at the Vargas Museum. The space dubbed as Commonspace/Swarmbibliotheque will…

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Radyo itimFM presents After Piet Mondrian

Radyo itimFM, an online anti-authoritarian radio project based in the Philippines, is scheduling a radio program this Sunday related to the current art exhibition entitled “The Heist Conference” curated by Jay Ticar. This scheduled radio program also acts as an online sculptural-performance art.