A Curious Inquiry: What is Curatorial Constellation?

This convivial form of working together reminded me of the most recent critical practice in curation that refuses to be defined.


My Notes on Culture and Politics by Sociologist Yoshitaka Mouri: Looking back from the development of protest in 21st century Japan

From my understanding, this ambivalent characteristics of a neoliberal worker represented by the Freeter carry with them a certain ambiguity that is difficult for classical Marxists to describe as a proletarian class. Mouri even furthered that Freeters are no more than a petite-bourgeois in advanced capitalist society. That is why he is hesitant to define Freeter as a part of Multitude(s) – a concept that Hardt and Negri introduced in their analysis of post-industrial global society defining ambiguously a new type of workers who produces immaterial labor.

Minority and Majority: A Meta-text of My Notes on Sexual Minority Lecture by Yamada Sohei

I was asking that question at the back of my head quietly while everyone were discussing the problem of microaggression as paradoxical to freedom of expression. They were discussing it in the language that I barely understood. To ask the question in english will make my minority position visible and thus recognise it as something to pay attention to, which I think might be very helpful but in contradiction my position will only legitimise the majority – the tyranny of the majority. In other words, in my opinion this majority and minority binary preserves marginalization that have claimed many lives such as in the case of Jamie – a homosexual american teen who took his life from hate speech.

Mobile blogging test

Hello world. This is a test post using mobile technology. I am trying the possibility of mobile blogging in my journey as a graduate student. I am not yet sure what might emerge from this process but I hope this will help me further improve my writing skills by blogging on the move.  I am…

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Catch Radyo itimFM LIVE every Sundays!

Radyo itimFM is an online anti-authoritarian radio project based in the Philippines. The radio features creative stuff ranging from radical politics, art, design, music, etc. It is hosted by DJ’s located in various parts of the country and around the Globe. It aims to build a community of Cognitariats networking their ideals, skills, and knowledge…

CIV:Lab According to DGR

‘If I smash a window of a multinational corporation, or burn down an animal testing lab, is that a way of connecting with the natural world? And is it art?’ These questions are posed by artist Jong Pairez, during a discussion on the topic ‘connecting with the natural world’ in the undergraduate art studio at…

jong pairez, randy nobleza, pirate radio, civLab, installation art

CIVLab Radio Show

Tactical social space CIVLab generated a modest amount of information pertaining to self-­sustainability, autonomous disaster mitigation, and anti-­authoritarian theories relevant in defending ecology from industrial apocalypse. These data were accumulated during the series of laboratory activities participated by various groups and individuals who are categorically practicing/researching the said topics. The author of CIVLab considers these…