Animation Television and the Production of Knowledge

The following essay outlines the production of knowledge in watching the periodic animated series of Etele. I laid the outline by visiting the historical background of moving images such as animation. The stepping back in order to move forward, however, emphasizes the importance of producing and production by briefly discussing the unrestrained creative process, which interestingly results to making active consumers who are potential producers of collective knowledge.


Film Production as a Process Similar to the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

Now that the idea had become flesh embodied in the Cinema it now performs its miracle for mankind to liberate them from whatever misery they suffer. This is how the joyful mysteries of the rosary resemble the amazing process of film production and how the magic of cinema affects the lives of mankind.

Second Day: Morning in Seoul

Woke up early as usual. Just over the window from a high rise apartment where I crashed in for a night I can feel the city beating. Overlooking the city skyline I find it nothing different from Tokyo. It is metabolising quickly like Eric Carle’s very hungry caterpillar. There are new high rise apartments being…

Night One: City Center Seoul

Finally I arrived. Jumped off from Hongik University station and randomly wander around with my long time friend who have been staying in Seoul for many years now. He originally came from Tokyo but decided to migrate for some reason. The sun was about to set. It was cloudy and humid. “Are you hungry?” he…

Sketch on Socially Engaged Art

Artists that uses social relations as medium define the artist position in society to its unimaginable peak since Kant’s declaration for a transcendental aesthetics. Artists have become the sovereign – a privilege position that generates a state of exclusion. This exclusivity prompts me to declare my pessimistic attitude towards Art. However, I am optimistic about creativity inherent to human beings.